Bookkeeping Can Be Complex. We Keep It Simple & Efficient.

We know small business bookkeeping can be messy.

In fact, we expect it to be.

At U-Nique Accounting, we organize and streamline the month-end process so your books are always up-to-date.


Gain Back 10+ Hours a Month

Your Time is money.

Our hands-free bookkeeping services give you back valuable hours each month to spend more time on your business where it counts.

Simply upload the records to us each month and we’ll handle the rest. 

Let Us Handle Your Bills

Not sure what’s due this week?

We can handle your bill payment process from start to finish. After a quick tick of approval, we send out the weekly payments that can and should be paid, and update vendors on your behalf.

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See The Big Picture

When books are inaccurate or behind, it’s hard to know exactly where the business stands long-term.

With U-Nique Accounting, you can be confident in the decisions you’re making – such as hiring and lending – that may affect cash flow down the road. 

Keep On Top of Your
Cash Flow

82% of companies that go out of business do so because of poor cash flow visibility and management. With our real-time cash flow monitoring solutions,  you’ll never have to worry that you’re in the red. 

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Download: How To Keep More Cash In Your Account Each Month

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