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By partnering with BILL, we are able to offer end-to-end AP and AR automation, freeing our clients from the headaches, cost, and lost time associated with incomplete, outdated systems.

What is BILL?

Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, BILL is the most popular platform for AP and AR automation.

BILL customers save an average of $18,000 annually, spend 50% less time on AP, and get paid 2X faster. 

With BILL, you can upload invoices from your desktop, snap a photo on your mobile device, or have vendors email them directly to your BILL inbox. BILL’s AI and automation technology will extract key information instantly so you can create and pay bills faster.

Additionally, you can customize approval policies, automate approval workflows, and approve bills from anywhere with a simple swipe, or multiple bills with a few taps.

Accounts payable made easy with

BILL Makes The World Of AR & AP Easier

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Automate Accounts Payable

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Streamline Your Approval Process

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Collect & Manage Invoices

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2-Way Sync With Xero Software

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Leave the hassle of accounts payable behind with BILL

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