Confidently Grow Your Business With Fractional CFO Services

Need expert financial analysis, but can’t afford a full time position?

With U-Nique Accounting’s Fractional CFO Services, you’ll gain clarity of your business’s financial position and the guidance you need to accelerate growth, at just a fraction of the cost.

Is Your Financial House In Order?

Your business is doing well and you’re getting paid to build a business doing something you love. Yet, every now and then you get an unsettling feeling that your financial house isn’t in the shape it could be. Does this sound like you?

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You're Unsure About The Financial Future


You Have Arbitrary Goals & Targets

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You Can't Afford To Grow

Is Your Financial House in Order?
Fractional CFO ServicesCan Expedite Your Business Growth

You have built a business doing something you love, and it is performing well. Yet, every now and then you get an unsettling feeling that your financial house isn’t in the shape it could be. Does this sound like you?

With U-Nique Accounting’s Fractional CFO Services, gain the financial guidance you need to understand your current business position and execute short and long-term strategies for where you want to go. 


Know Where Your Business Is Going

With our Fractional CFO Services, we make it easy to see the direction your business is heading. Through detailed cash flow forecasting, you'll finally have a plan to help achieve your business goals.

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Understand The Whole Puzzle

We can help you understand cash flow fluctuations, lending capabilities, business value, and more - so you can confidently make smarter financial decisions for your business.

Virtual CFO Services - U-Nique Accounting

Grow & Exit
On Your Terms

Whether your business is ready to sell, needs a coat of paint, or requires an entire restructuring, our Fractional CFO helps you make the financial decisions required to scale and exit on your terms.

We Help You Get a Handle On The Money Side of Things

Cash flow management services



Budgeting & Forecasting




The Difference Makers In Your Business

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All Of Our Fees Are Fixed

We don't believe in the 'nickel and dime' billing you're used. Pay one flat fee every month and receive around-the-clock care and one-on-one support.

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Our Focus Is On You

We care about your business and want you to succeed. That's why we'll proactively find ways to improve your business throughout the year.

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You Can Always Get In Touch

You'll never speak to a robot when working with us. Chat with real humans who care about your business - via email, phone, or Zoom - whenever you have a question.

Is Your Business Ready For Virtual CFO Services?

Accelerate Your Business Growth
With Virtual CFO Services

A Virtual CFO plays a fundamental role in the growth and execution of every successful company. If you’re ready to grow, let us know! We’re here to help anyway that we can.

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Virtual CFO

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