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Our simplified pricing covers all your business needs:

Industry expertise, modern accounting, tax compliance and unlimited Q&A support.

Does calling your accountant...
mean getting hit with an extra bill? leave you having more questions? make you feel unimportant? leave you waiting to hear back for days?

No billing surprises

With our fixed subscription fee you'll never be charged for questions or surprised with an adhoc bill.

Unlimited Q&A

Call, email and text us as much as you want. We want to know your concerns so we can help you solve them.

No double bookings

We don't book back to back client meetings so that we are never rushed while discussing your business.

How we help

Automate Processes

We transform time consuming manual processes into automated and efficient processes.

Reduce Tax Burden

We maximize credits and deductions that work in unison with your business strategy.

Speed Up Decisions

We improve the speed & accuracy of your financials, so you can make timely decisions.

Improve Cash Flow

We help improve your cash flow and keep it healthy to handle any growth or surprises.

How we work

We gather data.

We get to know you and your business, so we can work as part of your team.

We implement processes.

We automate processes to improve the speed & accuracy of your accounting.

We execute strategies.

We provide accurate insights so that you can make smart, timely decisions.

We're On A Mission To
Change Your Business

U-Nique Accounting Services is a 100% cloud based organization focused on the customer experience, implementing effective and cost efficient technologies, and providing fast and accurate data, insights, and strategies.

Meet The Owner

Matt Cianciarulo

Your Coach & Partner

Matt has over eighteen years of experience in providing accounting, tax and CFO services. He brings a uniquely global approach tho his clients from improving their systems and processes all the way through to improving their enterprise value and exit strategy.  His favorite part of his job are the 1:1 meetings with clients where he gets to help explain, educate and provide clarity to them about their business and finances.

Matt is truly passionate about sharing knowledge and insights with others, is a natural self-starter, a lifelong learner, embracer of technology…and a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Chicago Accountant Matt Cianciarulo

We work 100% Virtual, Coast to Coast.
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