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What’s holding your brewery back? From cash flow forecasting to tax strategy, 
we help brewery owners pinpoint gaps within their business and grow more profitably.

We help brewery owners smash their money challenges.

We know the brewery industry well. We know that your business model likely isn’t the simplest and that a lot happens between sourcing and putting drinks on the table. Brewery owners are oftentimes manufacturers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs, event specialists, and more. We’re here to help things run more smoothly – from cash flow issues, to profit margins, and streamlining internal processes.

We're dedicated to brewery accounting

Operating a brewery is hard work. But your accounting and payroll should be simple and easy. That’s why it is important to work with experts why understand your industry.

At U-Nique Accounting we will help you integrate and simplify your accounting and payroll. We will set up your reporting to track and report profitability by revenue source and help you take advantage of key tax credits like the FICA Tip Credit and R&D tax credit.

Brewery Accounting Service
Brewery Accounting

Streamline your POS, inventory, and accounting systems

Are your systems currently a mess?

  • Does your POS system connect with your accounting software?
  • Does your POS system assist with inventory management?
  • Does your Time system connect with your payroll system?
  • Does your payroll system connect with your accounting software?
  • Do your employees onboard themselves, or are you doing it manually?


If any of the above holds true, you are wasting a lot of manual time, your time!

At U-Nique Accounting, we help breweries automate their entire accounting process, which includes integrating the POS, payroll and accounting systems together into one unified solution.

Track & analyze your business profitability the right way

Is your brewery utilizing the 13 Period (52/23 weeks) accounting method for better & consistent financial reporting?

Do your financial organize your data by Sales, Prime Costs, Controllable and Non-Controllable Costs?

Do your financials easily provide you profitability by revenue source, like:

  • Food costs vs food sales?
  • Liquor costs vs liquor sales?
  • Beer costs vs beer sales?
  • N/A Beverage costs vs N/A Beverage sales?


At U-Nique Accounting, we help organize your financial data so it can be viewed and analyzed in ways that are meaningful to your business.

Brewery Accounting Firm
Brewery Accountants

Take advantage of brewery tax credits

Is your business utilizing the FICA Tip Credit each year?

Do you get money back through the R&D Tax Credit when you make new recipes for beer & food?

These are two key tax credits that every brewery should be taking advantage of. If you’re not working with expert brewery accounting services like U-Nique Accounting, it’s likely that you’re paying Uncle Sam tens thousands of dollars unnecessarily each year.

Our Brewery Accounting Services Include

“U-Nique Accounting has changed our brewery.”

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Accounting for Breweries

What’s Holding Your Brewery Back?

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