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Financial Controller Services

With U-Nique Accounting’s Financial Controller Services, you’ll gain a secure and compliant accounting department, along with the peace of mind that comes with it. Finally, financial controller services without the exorbitant price tag. 

Consistent, Accurate, & Compliant Financials With U-Nique Accounting

A bookkeeper pays your bills. An accountant files your taxes. Yet, no one is in charge of all of the data flowing in and out to ensure it’s compliant, accurate & reliable.

That’s where we come in. At U-Nique Accounting, we provide security and peace of mind that your accounting processes are sound, records are accurate, and the risk of fraud is eliminated.

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Oversee Accounting Processes & Policies

The role of a financial controller is to act as the head accountant. We steer accounting processes, delegate roles, and oversee policies to ensure procedures are easy to use and always adhered to.

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Ensure Compliant & Accurate Books

As your company grows, so does the risk of auditing and penalties. We ensure your financial books are reconciled each month and categorized correctly for compliant and accurate bookkeeping.


Prepare Comprehensive Reporting

Whether for yourself or outside parties, we provide the reporting you need to satisfy investor due diligence, loan inquiries, and general stakeholder management, at all times.

Organize Your Accounting With Financial Controller Services

Financial Controller Services

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Financial Reporting

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All Of Our Fees Are Fixed

We don't believe in the 'nickel and dime' billing you're used. Pay one flat fee every month and receive around-the-clock care and one-on-one support.

Our Focus Is On You

We care about your business and want you to succeed. That's why we'll proactively find ways to improve your business throughout the year.

You Can Always Get In Touch

You'll never speak to a robot when working with us. Chat with real humans who care about your business - via email, phone, or Zoom - whenever you have a question.

Get Your Financial House In Order With Financial Controller Services

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