How Hard Is It To Transition From QuickBooks To Xero?

Transition QuickBooks to Xero

With QuickBooks Desktop subscriptions ending for new U.S. subscribers in July 2024, it’s a better time than ever to transition your bookkeeping from QuickBooks to Xero.

Restaurant, bar, and brewery owners, this blog post is for you!

If you’ve hung around us long enough, you’ll know that we’re not huge fans of QuickBooks Online. At least, not for restaurant, bar, and brewery owners anyway. 

There are deficiencies in QuickBooks Online that prevent restaurant owners from seeing the full picture of their business financials. 

For example, as a restaurant owner, your accounting software needs to have the capability to run weekly reports. If your business week finishes on a Tuesday, you need to be able to customize the reports to run from Wednesday to Tuesday.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online doesn’t have this 13-period functionality (if you don’t know what the 13-period accounting method is, then please check out our YouTube Videos and blogs that explain it). 

And of course, that’s not the only reason we prefer Xero over QuickBooks Online, but we’ve written about that enough over here. So, we’ll save that spiel for another day.

And listen… as business owners ourselves, we get it!

The last thing you want to do is implement a new software program. Migrating the data, setting up new software, and learning how to use it… who has time for all of that?

However, change might be more imminent than you think… and luckily, a lot easier than you might think too.

Why it’s time to transition from QuickBooks to Xero

QuickBooks announced in February that it plans to stop selling its desktop version in the United States after July 31, 2024.  

The company is urging its existing customers on standalone QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Mac Versions to consider moving their books to the cloud version, QuickBooks Online. 

This is going to be a problem for a lot of businesses.

Why? Well, the QuickBooks Desktop Pro version has a lot of functionality that its cloud based version QuickBooks Online does not have.

So much so, that a lot of accounting firms use third-party software to host the legacy QuickBooks Desktop Pro program, to avoid using QuickBooks Online because it’s that much less functional than its counterpart. 

Now that QuickBooks Desktop Pro is winding down, many businesses (and accounting firms) will be forced to use the less superior cloud-based version, QuickBooks Online.

Unless they make the switch to Xero. 

If you’re going to have to make the switch anyway, why not make the switch to the better bookkeeping software?

How hard is it to make the transition from QuickBooks to Xero?

Transitioning your bookkeeping from QuickBooks to Xero will be as difficult as you make it. 

If you choose to handle it on your own, we agree with you. It is likely to become a nightmare. 

You’re going to end up paying a lot of money to get it right, and it will take a lot more energy and manpower than you have time for. 

However, if you team up with a company that is a Xero Partner, like U-Nique Accounting, your entire bookkeeping software can be shut down, migrated over, and up and running smoothly in less than a week, at no cost.

Yes, less than a week!

Here at U-Nique Accounting, we team up with a conversion company to make the process as quick and painless as possible for you. 

Within a weeks time, you’ll be up and running on the best accounting software in the industry for restaurants and breweries, and gain better clarity into your numbers than ever before. 

Don’t believe us? Let’s have a chat!

We’re passionate about using Xero, especially for restaurant and bar owners. And we’re here to help in any way we can. 

Simply use the calendar down below or head over to our Get Started page to get in touch

We work with restaurant and brewery owners just like you who have made the switch, and their accounting & reporting is better for it. 

Why not make the best decision for your business now?

Matt C


Xero Partner

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