First get the coffee, and then do the accounting

U-Nique makes it easy for business owners to complete their accounting anywhere, anytime…even from mobile devices in a coffee shop!


For today’s small business owner, cloud accounting is a way for you to easily stay on top of your finances, anywhere, at any time.

Simply download your accounting software apps to your smart device, log in, and start keeping your books up to date at your convenience

This can all be done while waiting to catch your next flight, from your comfy chair with your feet up, or even at the ball game. It’s whenever it works for you. 

Utilizing Dext, and your phone, all it takes is a few taps from your finger to record and publish these invoices over to Xero and instantly make it easy for you to review and match your bank transactions.  It is truly magical!

Watch while Matt from U-Nique demonstrates how he stays updated on his bank reconciliation using his smartphone from the local coffee shop while getting his morning cup of joe: Watch Video 

Dext is a popular cloud-based software that makes documenting and recording your business expenses an easy task.  Simply upload documents to Dext and let their AI automate the recording of your expenses for you, that you then simply publish over to your accounting software.  Dext will also verify if you have any missing documentation for your banking transactions.

Xero, is a top cloud-based accounting software that allows you to connect your bank accounts to quickly reconcile all your bank and credit card transactions, record and pay bills, track projects, create purchase orders and quotes, invoice and collect from customers, and much more.

Dext and Xero are fundamentally a core of the accounting services that U-Nique Accounting provides to their clients.  Let’s set up a meeting to discuss your business and how else U-Nique can help.

Matt C


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