Managing all those TABS!

A quick tip from U-Nique on how to effectively navigate your Internet browsing.

google tabs

Tabs, tabs, tabs!  Your monitors are littered with them.  Some days they are manageable, other days  you lose track of how many you have open.  With more applications moving from desktop to mobile and cloud-based solutions, the size of your tech stack keeps growing, and with it the number of browser tabs you use on a daily basis.

We here at U-Nique understand this first hand as we operate in a 100% cloud-based environment.  We utilize chromebooks and the chrome operating system for our day to day operations.  Everything we do requires an internet connection and a web browser.  As you can imagine, we have quite a few tabs open everyday across all of our monitors, so here is a helpful tip we use that is one way to manage the madness.

As you will see in the video demonstration performed by U-Nique Accounting’s very own Katie Stokes, there is an easy way to help organize your open tabs.  Simply use the “add tabs to group” function within Google Chrome to combine tabs into functional groups that you can expand and collapse to manage the real estate taken by all your browser tabs.  Enjoy the video!

Matt C


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